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I’ve read quite a few reviews so far and I have to say, I was already feeling quite confident in this decision after talking with you on the phone, but after reading some of the feedback you’ve received I am ecstatic that you will be our DJ. I have no doubt that you guys will do a good job.

I’m actually having a bit of regret about what I told you yesterday about giving the announcements and nothing else. I know there is value in having an emcee who can crack a joke or say a witty comment to keep the mood light, and I don’t want to stifle your creativity at all. I am confident that you and/or your partner will stay professional and handle everything with class. So overall, I want you to do your thing, but I think its good that you know that Alyssa and I don’t want people to feel pressured into having a good time, we really want it to feel natural, and I can tell you guys get that.

Thanks again for being willing to work with us,