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Unique Lighting and Designs

Our lights have great capabilities to change into many different colors with a wireless remote. When we say many colors, we are not talking about a 3 to 8 standard color choice selection. We are talking of a full “hex color wheel” with over 369 spectrum color wheel. Some of our other exciting lighting features are a custom “monogram light” as well as having a “starlit sky.” Since we are always striving for the best look for your wedding, we are always looking for ways to help you achieve this. Every event location can create many lighting ideas that we can help you with to make great memories.

Wireless Wedding Lighting

Our lighting equipment is truly different than what you can find from any other lighting and sound production company in Cookeville (and middle TN area). We have lighting that is wireless, which means that we can put these canisters literally anywhere. This may not seem like much, but if you are trying to make your wedding reception look clean, having extension cords everywhere does not look great. If you are trying to light up architectural ceilings and large columns that are in the middle of the dance and there are no outlets nearby, this can be a problem for wired lighting.


We know that the best way to decide if our lighting is right for your event is to see it in action. So, check out some of the pictures of our professional lighting setups at events across the Upper Cumberland in the gallery below.

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